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Adobe Acrobat Reader download

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Download Adobe Acrobat Reader DC is a must-have app for almost all computer users. You can download it for free here.

With this program you're able to view pdf-files.

A really good and useful program, because many documents and presentations found on the internet uses this standard.

Adobe Reader freeware edition allows you to view pdf-files for unlimited time, but if you want to edit/create or develop your own pdf-files, you'll have to purchase the full version.

Its free to use, so you might as well get it, before you realize you need it badly.

Download Adobe Acrobat Reader DC
Details of Adobe Acrobat Reader


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End User License Agreement (EULA)

Operating system:
Windows Vista, 7, 8 & 10

36.4 Mb

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How to uninstall


How to uninstall Adobe Acrobat Reader

Should you wish to uninstall Adobe Acrobat Reader then it's easy to do so. Here's how you do:
  1. Open your Windows Control Panel
  2. Select “Add/Remove programs”
  3. Find Adobe Acrobat Reader, mark it and choose "Uninstall"
  4. Follow the process on your screen
Should Adobe Acrobat Reader has been damaged or corrupted and thereby difficult to remove we can recommend you finding help to uninstall it here.